It’s been said that a co-writing session is sometimes the best excuse for friends to get together and pour into each other’s lives over a good cup of coffee.  We breathe in the aroma of that dark roasted brew and it’s as if our senses are awakened.


We open up.  We listen.  We share.


With both hands we cup our favorite mugs and the warmth seems to draw something out of us.  It fuels us to think.  Our minds start to clear and before we know it we realize, hey, we’re on the same page!  We’re really more alike than we are different!  Then it happens.  We dare to verbalize our thoughts.  Our minds are racing with possibilities and we are ready to take it to the next level where we walk the plank and stand out on the edge and look down at that place where we can dive in and “dare to suck.”


As soon as we jump in the floodgates are opened wide!   Ideas.  Hopes.  Dreams.  Fears.  Failures.  Truths….Melodies…AHHH…melodies…rhymes….rhythms…and soon words begin to spill out of us like liquid.


This is IT.


We are HOOKED.  This is the caffeine to our souls.  The creating.  The birthing of a song . We love every single minute of it.  We even love the challenge of writing the daunting second verse….sometimes.  Okay, yes, sometimes we may curse the second verse but we still love the challenge of it all. Maybe it takes hours.  Maybe it takes 3 or 4 cups of java.  But we write on…until the very last drop is gone.


Until the song is poured out of us.  Until it’s our best.  Until it’s done.  Our words. Our stories.  Our lives.


When we sit back and listen to our creation we know that every drop of inspiration, determination and maybe even perspiration was worth it.  It was worth it because songwriters crave this.  It’s our addiction.  We breathe it in.  We live it and we love it.  We write, re-write, write more, re-write more….another song, another idea.


We drink it in.


So you see, its’ really not so much about the coffee.  It’s about the connecting.  We songwriters are just hardwired that way.  Songwriting IS like a cup of good, strong coffee.  The sweet aroma of our lives surround us…relationships, families,  joys, sorrows, successes, failures…all of it together create a concoction that is wonderful and worth writing songs about.  The good times, the tragedies, the happiness, the disappointments, the shortcomings, the glorious moments, the darkest nights…we get to write about it all.  We CHOOSE to write about it.  And when we connect to co-write ,we often peel back layers that we won’t allow anyone else to see.  We bare our emotions.


We are honest.  We are vulnerable.  We are songwriters.


Connecting is the key. With each song we write ,  pieces of our souls attach themselves to those lyrics and melodies.  We can’t help it.  It’s who we are.  WE are the stuff that songs are made of.


And therein lies our sweet addiction and we wouldn’t have it any other way.